Happy Father's Day
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you're not a man because you can make a baby. you're only a man if you can raise a baby, protect a baby and provide for a baby.

so, today is Father's Day. which unlike Mother's Day seems to be celebrated all over the world at the same time. today i want to celebrate those man who have been good fathers to their children. the man who have been there, through the thick and the thin. i wouldn't have become the person i am today without my dad. i'm not saying that my father is perfect because nobody's perfect right? hahahaha :D

He is a true family i am proud to say with absolute certainty that every penny that my dad has earned in his life has gone into his large family.

He tells really stale joke dad's joke are just plain awful. but that does not stop him from sharing them over and over.

He buys me what i want to eat this may seem vacuous but my dad knos that i love to eat and that i like yummy stuff. whenever i go back home he makes sure that i get to eat all of the treats that i like. even if i then decide i won't share any of them with him or anyone else for the matter.

He is passionate dad is very passionate man. unfortunately for my mum his passion is football. my dad loves football. he can never get enough of it and is either wathing it or playing it.

He is his own person my dad is confident person. he is not easily embrassed and thinks he is the world's greatest baritone but that doesn't stop him from having a time and singing so loudly!

but most importantly he showed me what it is to be a good man. he also taught his daughter to be free thimkers, to stand up for themselves and not to accept nonsense from anyone, in particular man. 

i would like to wish all dads a  Happy Father's Day. especially for my greatest father,
ZAINAL SUMAN i love you so much. you're the best father in this world :*

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